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Mall Day

Today we went to Mall Day at the Richland Mall.

We met at the Hack Shack at 9:00a. We ended up sharing a bus with BHS to the Richland Mall.

The bus ride there was really long, but I got a lot done on the engineering notebook without distractions. There also was a big big card game (Poverty) going on as we drove to Waco.

Ben and Ben Working


Here we see Ben Miller and Ben Stobaugh doing some last minute tests and adjustments before taking our robot (dubbed “Short Circuit” by Ben Miller) to the field.




Since our robot was lacking a working arm at this point, we tested how the pieces fit together and how the range of our arm would work.



One of the other teams, as part of their marketing team gave out these little containers with candies and tiny toys. I was able to snag a tiny plastic rubber chicken. I am greatly amused by this and I have no idea why.


Mr. Williams took a great video of Mall Day:


After all this, we ate lunch and drove back to New Tech to have a work day.

For the work day when we got back from Mall Day, we ended up mounting a motor to the gear part of our arm.



We also developed a plan for the final week of the competition.

Hope we get it done in time. We are cutting it pretty close!

Kick Off

Where to begin? This year’s even looks like it’s going to be very complicated. The course has three sections: dowel rods (Gates), hangers (Transistors), and wooden objects (Components). Basically what we have to do is pick up various objects and place them down in various positions. The course looks like this:


Kickoff consisted of more than just meeting the course, though. We got our parts! We got a big box and a briefcase, and together they pose infinite possibilities. We are thinking of building a sort of crane with a claw that can build multiple things. Hopefully it will work out!