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Competition Day!

What a day!

Early this morning, we packed up everything we thought we needed for today and got a a bus headed for Waco.

Once we arrived, we claimed a section of bleacher, claimed a table in the pit and claimed a place for our booth. Some members of the team set up the booth, some attached posters to the railings on our section of bleacher, and others performed some last-minute tweaks on the robot. Austin Maddox set up his amp and guitar.






We received the schedule of the seeding rounds we were competing in, and off we went!

The whole morning went by in a huge blur. One minute we were competing in the first round and the next we were breaking for lunch!


We had one more round after lunch. We hung a D-Latch hanger, and that qualified us for the semifinals of the competition.


For the semifinals, each team is given a set inventory. We decided not to bother with dowels based on our set inventory, and just go straight to Stage 3 to fabricate Registers, a MUX, and a Decoder. This strategy got us to the finals where we did the same thing. We ended up placing third in the finals.


The awards ceremony started and we all started getting very nervous. Will we make it to Dallas?

Then they announced second place BEST award and the entire team EXPLODED in happy screaming.


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